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Report on Completed ASEAN OSS Training in March 2005

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The Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC), Singapore office, conducted the Open Source Software (OSS) Basic and Certification Train the Trainers Program from March 14 to 20, 2005 with the Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC) for 31 participants from ASEAN countries in Kuala Lumpur. 

CICC has been hosting the Asia Open Source Software Symposiums twice a year from March 2003. Human Resource Development has been identified as one of the bottlenecks relating to the wider use of OSS.

This ASEAN OSS Training Program has been initiated by the CICC Singapore office with the aim of creating a large number of OSS professionals to teach OSS in South-east Asia. It will support wider use of Open Source systems in ten ASEAN member countries, namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam. Two courses were conducted concurrently: Open Source Software (OSS) Basic and OSS Certification Train the Trainers Program.

In conjunction with the main event a public seminar on "ASEAN Open Source Software Technical Development" was held on the morning of 14 March 2005.  Some 100 people attended this seminar which featured speakers from CICC, IBM, Intel, MAMPU, MIMOS, Novell making presentations on recent developments on OSS especially with respect to the Asian/ASEAN region.

Project Management

  • Overall Management
  • Mr. Toru Yamauchi, MD, CICC Singapore
  • Mr. Lim Chen Yam, ED, MNCC
  • Project and Technical Coordination
  • Mr. Narayanan, CICC Singapore
  • Mr. NanPhin Lee, Chairman MNCC OSSIG
  • Local logistics
  • Mr. E.K.How
  • Malaysian Sponsoring Organizations
  • MAMPU, MIMOS, IBM, Intel, Novell and other training institutions
  • Venue
  • KMDC (KDU Management Development Centre)
  • Level 19&20, Block 3A, Plaza Sentral,
  • KL Sentral 50470 Kuala Lumpur
  • Program Structure

    OSSOSS Basic Course OSSOSS Certification Course


    This four days training was divided into two parts. First part (first two days) technical OSS topics were covered. Additional Notes to enhance current OS capability, like plug and play, USB, Wifi etc. were also included. Second part (Day 3 and 4), the main focus was on preparing the skills for the participants to set up and maintain the training environment, i.e. network, security, users management, backup/restore etc. tips on teaching open source topics.


    This six days program was designed for the Linux System Administrators and to prepare the participants for taking certification exams like the LPI 101 exam. Successful participants who had gone through the above rigorous program had learned all the key core elements of the Linux operating system - installation, file system, RPMs, network configuration, X Window, basic file system navigation, application management. The participants can now take up responsibility of Linux System Administration or Technical Support.

    Training Support

    • Mr. Nicholas Adrian Suppiah, Lead Trainer
    • 3 Facilitators
    • 1 Technical Support

    Training Support

    • Mr.Wong Weng Yee, Lead Trainer
    • 1 Facilitator

    As the background of the trainees is very diverse, training support became very important. Both course are conducted and supported by experience trainers. In OSS Basic, the participant to trainer ratio is 5 to 1, as it was assumed that the participants have no or minimum prior knowledge on OSS. For OSS Cert, the assumption was the participants have at least 6 months of Unix or Linux related experience working as a Linux System Administrator and comfortable with the command line

    In addition to the main training program, 14 knowledge-sharing sessions and talks were being conducted to further enhance the content and the quality of the program. The speakers were from the Government, Commercial, Research and Universities, covered various topics of interest related to Open Source software.

    Training Participants

    The number of participants by course and countries are listed below. Total number of participants were 31.
    Country No of trainees OSS Basic Course OSS Certification Course
    Brunei 2
    Chong Kim Onn
    Lim Sei Guan
    Cambodia 2
    Suy Vanna
    Lon Chanborey
    Indonesia 3
    Imam Ahmad Trinugroho
    Ricky Agus Tjiptanata

    Dwi Aji Mardiyanto
    Laos PDR 1
    Dalaloy Valaxay
    Malaysia 11
    Ahmad Zaid Sulaiman
    Loh Bee Fah
    Nurhizam Safie bin Mohd Satar
    Randy Hoo Meng Sing
    Shamsudheen bin Hyder Abdul Ahad
    Thirumal A/L Kandasamy

    Amran bin Mansoor
    Hud bin Md Ali
    Saiful Adli Ismail
    Syed Ahmad Shazali Bin
    Syed Abdullah
    Zainal Azman Shaari
    Myanmar 2
    Aung Myo Lwin

    Ngwe Tun
    Philippines 2
    Roderick G.Basamot
    Jose Gil K. Escalante, JR.
    Singapore 2
    Tham Bao Nee (Tan Baoni)

    Wee Kiam Peng
    Thailand 2
    Nipat Aiemsomboon

    Supphachoke Suntiwichaya
    Vietnam 4
    Nguyen Thuy Nhi
    BaNguyen Tien Trung

    Cao Vinh Quang
    Son Vo Thanh
    Total 31 16 15

    Future Plan of Action

    An ASEAN OS Trainers’ Network has been formed. The Trainers’ Network will be supported by a mailing list. The mailing list can serve as a platform for the participants to exchange ideas and to obtain assistance from their trainers after this Program. Training materials to support teaching and localization will also be distributed.

    Participants are encouraged to launch OSS training related projects, perhaps as part of the support to their country level initiatives. A mechanism is being established to help them to grow the Network for the ASEAN Region.

    Group Photos from First ASEAN OSS TRAINING in March 2005

    OSS Basic Course
    OSS Certification Course

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