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2.06 Monetary amount Expression

Expression of monetary amount has two basic elements:

1: a. Currency sign.
b. Currency amount format.
c. Amount (number) expression.
2: a: Currency sign to be defined for Local character, Latin (or Latin like) character and International. And also placement (before,middle and end of number) are different.
b: Currency amount format might different between cultures.
c: Amount expression normally follows number format of the country (with exception) and word representation of number of the culture.

2.06.1 Currency sign (MONETARY)

Typically, there are three or more kind of currency signs that are used for the same currency.
One is currency sign in local character (which is usually a base and legally correct currency sign).
Second is currency symbol (like $ sign) for easy use. This sign usually is in Latin character like design.
Third one is international use to avoid ambiguity between similar currency name and sign.

in Local ch. in Latin ch. interternational
China CNA . (5143) 12,345.67 . (00A5) .12,345.67 CNY
Hong Kong HKG . (5143) 12,345.67 $ $12,345.67 HKD
India IND .
(0930, 0941, 002E)
12,345.67 Rs Rs.12, 345.67 INR
Indonesia INA Rp Rp12.345,67 Rp Rp12.345,67 IDR
Japan JPN . (5186) 12,345.67 .
(00A5 or FFE5)
. 12,345.67 JPY
Korea KOR . (39D9) 12,345.67 .
(20A9 or FFE6)
12,345.67 KRW
Malaysia MAS RM RM12,345.67 RM RM12,345.67 MYR
Philippines PHI . (n/a) . 12,345.67 PHPPHP12,345.67 PHP
Singapore SIN S$ S$12,345.67 S$ S$12,345.67 SGD
(0E1A,0E32, 0E17)
12,345.67 . (0E3F) . 12,345.67 THB

China CNA yuan (Renminbi) 1(5143)(yuan)=10 (89D2)(jiao)
1(jiao)= 10 (5206)(fen)
Hong Kong HKG (Hong Kong) dollar 1 dollar = 100 cent 1 (5143)= 10(89D2)
1(6BEB) or 1= 10 cents 1 = 1cent
India IND (Indian) rupee 1Rs = 100 paisa
Indonesia INA rupiah1Rp = 100 sen
Japan JPN yen (pronounce en, custom is to spell yen) 1yen = 100 sen (92AD)
1sen = 10 rin(5398) rear use
Korea KOR won 1 Won = 100 (jon 3A3B)
Malaysia MAS (Malaysian) ringgit 1RM = 100sen
Philippines PHI (Philippines) peso 1peso = 100 centavos
Singapore SIN (Singapore) dollar 1 dollar = 100 cents
Thailand THI baht 1 baht = 100 stang

2.06.2 Format (MONETARY)

Currency amount format differences are already expressed as a part of currency sign placement.

Note that monetary amount format and number format are same except for Hong Kong.(see 2.04)

2.06.3 Amount expression in word (MONETARY)

For legal purpose, most countries have a custom to write the monetary amount in word.
Monetary amount expression in spoken language is another cultural dependent item

Both of the above can be categorized into two types:

Type -B: Currency word (sign, unit) at the beginning (before number)
Type -E: Currency word (sign, unit) at the end (after number)

Writing in local character Pronounce in local language
China CNA E E
Hong Kong HKG in English B E
in Chinese E (with$ or in front) E
India IND B E
Indonesia INA E E
Japan JPN E ( in front when needed) E
Korea KOR E E
Malaysia MAS B
Philippines PHI E E
Singapore SIN B E
Thailand THI B(in Latin ch. :) E
E(in Localch. :) E
rem-1:(9999, 6E2F), (6E2F, 5E63)

rem-2:(4E00, 91D1)

rem-3: Related standards: ISO 4217, GB 12408

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