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2.08 Hyphenation of word

Hyphenation rule is different for script and writing system.
China CNA Chinese character (ideograph widely used in some of Asian countries) are not hyphenated.
Hong Kong HKG Same as CNA.
India IND note-1
Indonesia INA Hyphenation is used for following:
a. To break up a word along phonetic units
b. Combining word forming a new word
c. Duplicate words to express plural
d. To join foreign word with Indonesian prefix and/or ending
e. To join prefix with number
Japan JPN Same as CNA. There is normally no space inserted between words written in Japanese character, Space is used in order to separate the sentences. Long word when reach to end of line is normally broken to next line.
Korea KOR Same as CNA
Malaysia MAS Malay words are hyphenated:
a. to break up a word along phoneticunits
b. when combining words forming anew word, and
c. when representing number in words
d. No hyphenation in Jawi
Philippines PHI Besides the criteria of MAS and note-1, hyphenation is also used
a. when the word is repeating orduplicated
b. when the wordis composed of prefix ending with a consonant and a word- basethat belongs with a vowel, and
c. when a practicebetween two combined words is dropped
Singapore SIN Same as CNA and note-1
Thailand THI There is normally no space inserted between words in Thai sentence. Space are introduced in order to separate the sentences. Certain long word when reach end of line are hyphenated just like English. Hyphenation rule requires the insertion point to be the end of syllable..

note-1: In the country where English is an (or one of) official language, the international practice of using phonetic unit as boundaries for hyphenation is applied.

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