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2.13 Character attribute

Normally, characters in a character set is categorized into several ways for convenience of data processing. In case of ISO/IEC 646 (ASCII, typical categorization for a culture is done by uppercase, lowercase, digit and space etc....). It is very natural to have cultural dependent categorization needed for both national characters and non-national but commonly used characters (such as ISO/IEC 646)

China CNA not yet available note-1
Hong Kong HKG not yet available note-1
India IND Defined in Indian standardIS 13194:1991
Indonesia INA no local character is used
Japan JPN not yet available note-1
Korea KOR not yet available note-1
Malaysia MAS Presentation forms in Arabic characters and numbers
Philippines PHI no local character is used
Singapore SIN not yet available note-1
Thailand THI not yet available note-1

note-1: As of now, all non-ASCII character in JIS character sets (Japanese characters, symbol and some of common Western characters) are simply categorized as alphabetic graphic characters. However, it is anticipated that some categorization will be introduced for those characters sooner or later. The categorization may include two types, one is the types which are already existing (such as space or digit), and another is new to Japanese character (such as variation of forms of Ideograph). This new categorization may possibly be applied to other Asian cultures as well.

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