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2.14 Paper Size

Popular (or widely used) paper sizes vary from country to countryB

There are 5 kinds of paper sizes availableB

Type-A: A-size per ISO 216
Type-B: B size per ISO 216
Type-LT: Letter size 8 inch X 11 inch
Type-LG: Legal size (LG) 8 inch X 14 inch
Type-LCL: Local unique or Local traditional size(s)

popular measure popular size
China CNA A, B, LCL(mo) A4, B5 and 16 mo 260mm X 185 mm(LCL) note-1
Hong Kong HKG A, LCL(mo) A4, 16 mo
India IND A, B, LG A4, A5
Indonesia INA A, B (and C, D series)A4
Japan JPN A, B A4, B5 note-2
Korea KOR A, B A4
Malaysia MAS A, LG A4
Philippines PHI A, LG A4, LG is still widely used
Singapore SIN A A4
Thailand THI A A4

note-1: China has the national standard for envelope size. In China, the post office will return non-standard envelope to sender.
note-2: Japan has standard size for envelope, postage cost is higher for non-standard size envelope and post card than for the standard envelopesand post cards.
rem-1: Note that continuous form for IT processing (ISO 2784) is not A or B size but Letter size. Therefore, Letter size is in use in all countries for IT purpose and in some cases it is also the defacto standard.
rem-2: For A and B size, see Annex D
rem-3: Related standards: ISO 216, ISO 478, ISO 593, ISO 2784, GB 9704, IS 1064, KS A 5201, KS G 2504, KS G 2505, KS G 2506, KS G 2509, PNS 70, PNS 222, TIS 262
rem-4: Standards related to size of envelopes and post cards: ISO 269, ISO 328, ISO 6924, JIS S 5502, JIS S 5503, KS G 2501, PNS 269, TIS 380

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