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2.15 Page Margin

There are at least two cases for page margin requirements.

Case-1: National or cultural requirements has the highest priority
Case-2: Rather than national or cultural requirements, there are also important application-dependent requirements (for example, Tax return form itself has firm margin requirement but the margin itself does not necessary to follow any standards)
Case-3: Reasonable amount of margin is needed, but any user defined requirements are available
Case-extra: Absolutely don't care

Common margins
China CNA Foreign Trade document ISO 6422
Local administration document GB9704
Hong Kong HKG Case-3
India IND no specific requirement
Indonesia INA no specific requirement
Japan JPN Many private guidelines available, no unified requirement.
Page layout without margin is notpopular
Korea KOR 1 inch top/bottom/light/left in most of cases
Malaysia MAS Same as THI
Philippines PHI Top margin = 1 inch, Bottom margin = approx. 1 inch
Left margin = 1 1/2 inch (preferably = allowance for binding purposes)
Right margin = 1 inch
Singapore SIN Same as THI
Thailand THI Top/Bottom/Left/Right margin is approximated at 1 inch

ISO 6422
Top margin: 10 plus minus 0.5 mm
Left margin 20 plus minus 0.5 mm
GB 9704 (CNA)
Top margin 30 mm
Bottom margin 20 mm
Left margin 25 mm
Right margin 20 mm
rem-1: Related standards: ISO 838, ISO 3535, ISO 6422, ISO 8439, GB 9704, IS 6298, JIS S 5505, JIS S 5507, JIS S 6041, PNS 235
rem-2: For a documents for international use need to fit for both A4 and Letter size paper when copied.
IEC: "Gudancefor Conveners of Working Groups and Project Leader" recommends:
Top/Bottom margin = 30 mm (1.18 in), Left inner margin = 23.1mm (0.91 in) and Right outer margin = 28.9mm (1.14 in) for A4 size paper. (ISO/IECdirectives part-3 has no requirements).

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