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2.16 Page Layout

There is a possibility that cultural dependent printed page layout can be used for IT purpose. One of them is location of page number within a sheet which is not a strong requirement, but natural common location within each countries and cultures.

2.16.1 Page Layout (PAGE LAYOUT)

In most cases, there are no cultural/country specific page layout requirements. However, there exists some special page layout that are widely used. Fukurotoji (Layout for center folded double sided) of Japan for Legal document is typical example of Special page layout requirement.

China CNA n/a
Hong Kong HKG n/a
India IND n/a
Indonesia INA n/a
Japan JPN Fukurotoji is requested for most of legal documents.
Korea KOR n/a (In traditional publishing, Fukurotoji is used)
Malaysia MAS n/a
Philippines PHI n/a
Singapore SIN n/a
Thailand THI n/a

Fukurotoji: Single sided, dual columns (in case of vertical writing, wide line spacing at middle of paper) and (normally) landscape layout. Folding the printed form at center ( becomes single column or normal vertical pages) makes it as double sided document. Staple at cut-end side and apply shared seal with other sheet. This process guarantees "no-missing pages"and "not-changed".

2.16.2 Page number location (PAGE LAYOUT)

Location of page number in a page does not really conform to any cultural convention but it is more of a country dependent format.

China CNA Bottom or Top outside but may be any possible place
Hong Kong HKG Center bottom but may be any other position
India IND no preference
Indonesia INA no preference
Japan JPN Bottom or Top out side but may be any possible place
Korea KOR Center bottom
Malaysia MAS Top or Bottom center
Philippines PHI Top right or Bottom center
Singapore SIN Top right or Bottom center
Thailand THI"Top or bottom, and center or right side"is preferred

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