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2.19 Postal Address format

The format of postal address used in this region is usually of two types.

Type-1: Bottom up style starting with house number and ends with Country name (US style)
Type-2: Top down style starting with Country and ends with house number (Chinese style)

It is noticed that there is a variation within each same type. The difference is a location of Zip code,@It is also noticed that when Roman Alphabet is used to write an address, Type-1 is used.@When Chinese Ideograph is used, in the same country, Type-2 is used. Therefore, the style is somewhat script dependent.

Type_______________ FormatExample
China CNA 2 Zip code, Province
Town or county,No.street
House number
Name of recipient
Organizationname and address of sender
Zip code of sender
Hong KongHKG 1 Title, Name of recipient
(Company name if needed)
Flat, Floor, Block, Building
Street no., Street name
District Town, Province, State
2 same as CNA

But, no ZIP codein HKG
India IND 1 Name of recepient
Designation of recipient
Company name
Street no.,Street name
City/Town/State - PIN
Indonesia INA 1 Title (if any), Name of recipient
Street-name,House number
City-name ZIP code
Country (Indonesia)
Title (if any), Name of recipient
RT rt-number (nabourhood no.)
RW rw_number (kampung no.)
Kampung-name (optional)
City/Kabupaten-name ZIP
Country (Indonesia)
Japan JPN 2 same as CNA
1 same as HKG type 1
with ZIP code at the end
Korea KOR 2* City, Section, Village,
House number
(Building, Company name)
Name of recipient
Zip code
* Note: Zip code is placed at the end of address (CNA is at the beginning)to improve readability inposting.
Malaysia MAS 1* Name of recipient
House no., Street name
Housing Project name
Zip Code,+ capitalized town
State, Country
* Note: Zip code is in between the street name and the town name
Philippines PHI 1 Name of recipient
(destination or position company name)
House or Bldg. no. street name
District, Town, Province
City, Zip
SingaporeSIN1Name of recipient
Bldg/House number,
Street name,
City Zip

(comma is optional)

Name of recipient
Blk#, unit#
Streeet name
Country Zip code
Thailand THI 1 Name of recipient
House no., Village
District town, Province, Zip code
Name of recipient
House no., Street Name, Street no.,
Section, Province, Zip code

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