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2.21 Measurement Systems

Almost all countries/culture have their own traditional measurement system. On the other hand, SI/metric system is used internationally as the measurement system. There is degree of difference among usage of traditional system for business and daily life. For example, Japan is in metric system though there is a traditional system. The need for the traditional system is very low for IT application. In US, the feet-pound system is still used very commonly for daily life even though the metric system is adopted by law long time ago.

Data in this section describes the common measurement systems for IT use.

China CNA metric SI SI is adopted for legal system
Hong Kong HKG metric SI Traditional Chinese units are still used in place of traditional business such as markets, Chinese herb store. British units (feet, inch, pound, ounce etc.) are still used in some areas such as property management.
India IND metric SI, CGS There are many traditional measuring unit(s) for today's daily use in India. However, the traditional units are not used in IT application.

Example of traditional measurements are:
Feet-Pound-System, and real traditional units like Man, Ser, Tola, Masa or Ratti(now rarely used).

Indonesia INA metric SI British system is used in parallel with metric.
Traditional measurements, especially on recording grain harvest, are still prevalent in the rural areas.
Japan JPN metric SI, CGS Traditional measurement system is not necessary for most of IT application.
Korea KOR metric SI Traditional units such as Ri, Kun, Mal and Pyong are used in parallel. note-1
Malaysia MAS metric SI Traditional business such as Chinese herb or jewelry shop are still using their own units.
Measuring of housing is done in feet.
Philippines PHI metric SI British system is used in parallel with metric.
Traditional measurements are still used for daily life, especially on recording grain harvest, are still prevalent in the rural areas.
Singapore SIN metric SI British and Local traditional units are still widely used.
Traditional Chinese units are used in Chinese herb stores, pawn shops and other places of traditional business.
Thailand THI Both metric and feet-pound for general note-2

note-1: KOR Length 1 (36FD) = 3927 m (Ri)
Weight 1 (3496) = 0.6 Kg (Kun)
Volume 1 (370A) = 55 cubic meter (Mal)
Area 1 (3C65) = 0.3025 sq. meter (Pyong)
note-2: THI Land 1 (0031, 0E44, 0E23, 0E48) = 1,600 sq.m.
Land 1 (0031, 0E07, 0E32, 0E19) = 400 sq.m.
Land 1 (0031, 0E15, 0E32, 0E23, 0E32, 0E07, 0E27, 0E32) = 4 sq.m.
Clothing dimension 1 (0031, 0E2B, 0E25, 0E32) = 1 yard
General meas. 1 (0031, 0E19, 0E34, 0E49, 0E27) = 1 inch
General meas. 1 (0031, 0E40, 0E0B, 0E19, 0E15, 0E34, 0E40, 0E21, 0E15,0E23) = 1 centimeter
General meas. 1 (0031, 0E01, 0E34, 0E42, 0E25, 0E01, 0E23, 0E31, 0E21) = 1 kilogram
General meas. 1 (0031, 0E1B, 0E2D, 0E19, 0E14, 0E4C) = 1 pound

rem-1: Related standard: ISO 31-0/13, ISO 1000, ISO 2995, IS 1890, IS 10005, IS 11366, JIS X 0124, JIS Z 8202, JIS Z 8203, KS A 0105, KS C 5631, KS C 5676, MS 1134

2.21.1 Temperature measurement unit (MEASUREMENT)

Common unit of measure for temperature are:

Type -C: in Centigrade
Type -F: in Fahrenheit

China CNA C
Hong Kong HKG C
India IND C
Indonesia INA C
Japan JPN C
Korea KOR C
Malaysia MAS C
Philippines PHI C
Singapore SIN C
Thailand THI C

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