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2.22 Legal and regulatory requirements

Note-1: There are many legal and regulatory requirements available in each country.
In this booklet, for practical purpose, Legal and Regulatory refer to those requirements which limit the use of (US is used as bench mark) imported IT products within the country (for example, need to meet local safety regulations, unique to local tele-communication protocol, etc.,)

China CNA It have been prepared many of national standards for IT that refer to computer hardware, external devices, tele-communication protocol, etc.. Imported to China IT products relate to the processing of Chinese characters, those products must conforming with one of the key Chinese character set standards.
Hong Kong HKG Mainly follows British Standards
India IND Indian Standards (including adapted international standards) is required for governmental procurements in general, but optional.
Indonesia INA Indonesia at present does not have strict legal/regulatory requirements for IT application and products.
Japan JPN Japan is in process of " Harmonization with international regulatory requirements. Thus, from now on, most of new regulatory requirements will not be unique to Japan. "Meeting with internationally agreed requirements" will be a requirement. (Reduce non-tariff trade barrier is a key word).
Other than that: Power line 100V AC 50/60 Hz.
Government (MITI or MPT) certification is needed for some equipment.
MITI: for safety for small home use equipment
MPT: for tele-communication adaptation
Korea KOR Korea has some regulatory requirements in trading. but, no significant regulatory/legal requirements in IT application/products.
Malaysia MAS Government computer must be in Open System (per international standard)
Philippines PHI The Philippines at present does not have strict legal/regulatory requirements for IT application and products.
Singapore SIN There are safety/health and/or environment (such as RFI) related regulations for hardware. Requirements for software are going to be defined in near future.
Thailand THI All documents are to be in Thai.
Arabic digits are used most of the time in business documents.
Thai digits are always used in government documents and royal gazette.

rem-1: Related standard: ISO 9241

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