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2.26 Taboo Items

There are many taboo items in each culture and country, some may be the same for most of cultures and some are different from culture to culture. However, as of current technology, most of them may not have any impact on generic IT application and products. There might be some, and following are samples of those taboos.

As technology progress, however, some taboo items may have impact on IT application in future. For example, if ICON in shape of hand need to click some sensitive shape with Thai culture, then acceptance of the application in Thai may be low.

The common answer for most countries is: Though there are many taboo items in the culture, as for IT products in the past, there were no specific item(s) which were forced to be localized due to the reason of taboo.

China CNA Common answer
Hong Kong HKG Common answer
India IND Common answer
Indonesia INA Common answer
Japan JPN Common answer
"Do not write persons name in red" is one of Japanese taboo.
Korea KOR Common answer and Do not write persons name in red.
Malaysia MAS Common answer
Philippines PHI Common answer
Singapore SIN Common answer
Thailand THI Do not write persons name in red.

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