Data Book

Annex A

Coded Character Set Standard(s)

A.1 International Standard

ISO/IEC 646:1991 ISO 7-bit coded character set for information interchange
ISO/IEC 2022:1994 Character codes structure and extension technology
ISO/IEC 4873:1991 ISO 8-bit code for information interchange -structure and rules
ISO/IEC 6429:1992 Control functions for coded character sets
ISO 6936: Conversion between the coded character sets of ISO 646 and ISO 6429-2 and the CCITT international telegraph alphabet No.2 (ITA2)
ISO/IEC 6937:1994 Coded graphic character set for text communication
ISO/IEC 8859 -1/10 8-bit single byte coded character graphic character set(s)
ISO/IEC 10367:1991 Standardized coded character set for use in 8-bit code
ISO/IEC 10538:1991 Control function for text communication
ISO/IEC 10646 -1:1993 Universal multiple-octet coded character set (UCS)

A.2 National Standards

China CNA GB 1988-88 (ISO 646-83)
GB 2311-89 (ISO 2022)
GB-2312-89 Codeof Chinese ideograms set for information interchange - Basic set
GB-7590-87 Code of Chinese Ideograms set for information interchange - The 4th supplementary set
GB-8565-88 Coded character set for text communication
GB-12345-90 Code of Chinese Ideograms set for information interchange - Supplementary set
GB-13000-93 (ISO/IEC 10646-1)
Hong Kong HKG no specific to HKG standard.
HKG uses international standard(s) and/or other national standard(s) on products for export, depending on the country of destination
India IND IS 13194:1991 Indian script code for information interchange-ISCII
Indonesia INA n/a ( ISO/IEC 646 is usually used)
Japan JPN JIS X 0201 -1976 Code for Information Interchange
JIS X 0202 -1991 (ISO/IEC 2022)
JIS X 0208 -1990 Code of the Japanese graphical character for information interchange
JIS X 0211 -1994 (ISO/IEC 6429)
JIS X 0212 -1990 Code of the Supplemental Japanese graphic character set for Information Interchange
JIS X 0221 -1995 (ISO/IEC 10646-1)
Korea KOR KS C 5528 -1976 Coding of characters for printing telegraph and their arrangement in teleprinter keyboard
KS C 5601 -1992 Code for information interchange
KS C 5620 -1977 (ISO 2022)
KS C 5636 -1993 Code for information interchange (Latin character)
KS C 5657 -1991 Extension code sets for information interchange
KS C 5700 -1995 (ISO/IEC 10646-1)
Malaysia MAS MS 1368:1983 Jawi character set
MS ISO/IEC 646:1993 (ISO/IEC 646)
MS ISO/IEC 2022:1993 (ISO/IEC 2022)
MS ISO/IEC 4873:1993 (ISO/IEC 4873)
MS ISO/IEC 6429:1993 (ISO/IEC 6429)
MS ISO 6936:1993 (ISO/IEC 6936)
MS ISO/IEC 6937-1:1993 (ISO/IEC 6937-1)
MS ISO/IEC 6937-2:1993 (ISO/IEC 6937-1)
MS ISO/IEC 10646:part1:1994 (ISO/IEC 10646-1)
Philippines PHI ISO/IEC 10646-1 Universal Multi-Octet Coded Character Set : Part-1
Singapore SIN SS Singapore Standard
Thailand THI TIS 620 Thai Character Codes for Computers (1986, 2ed 1990)
TIS 820 Layout of Thai Characters on Computer Keyboards
TIS 988 Recommendation for Thai Combined-Character Codes and Symbols for Line-Graphic for Dot-Matrix Printers
TIS 1074 6-bit Teletype code (1992)
TIS 1075 Conversion between computer coded and 6-bit Teletype code (1992)

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