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Part 2 Country Data of Cultural Conventions

This part describes detailed data of cultural conventions of AFSIT member countries.

Usually, the data are NOT mandatory, rather, it represents the majority of the region. Thus, other convention data can be also used in the region (as alternative, by chance and/or by application field).

"How to read PART-2?"

Country (or Region) is in Alphabetical order of daily/simplified (not full formal) name in English

Some of the data are expressed by using local character(s). Character code(s) (ID) of ISO/IEC 10646-1: 1993 in HEX form are associated with the local character(s).

Special notice is needed for Hangul. The code for Hangul in ISO/IEC 10646-1 is in the process of revising (Amendment-5: 1996). However, the old code value is shown in this data book.

The first edition of this databook does not have character ID information described above for Jawi. When it is available, ISO/IEC 10646-1 code data on Jawi character (Malaysia) requires another special notice. Jawi character has a nature of presentation form variation. Character changes it's shape according to it's position within a word for same character. Some character coding systems assign different code for each forms and other character coding system code one code for all of the different shapes. ISO/IEC 10646-1, in principle, does assign one code for all shapes, but also including some variation of shapes for compatibility purpose. (Thus it is mixed status) Therefore, ISO/IEC 10646-1 code for Jawi character in this databook are:

Code for base character; when separated code for presentation form is NOT available.

Code for presentation form: when separated code for presentation form is available

n/a : not applicable or not available
note-x: additional information for the data/description designated by same "note-x" in the same section or sub-section
rem-x additional information for the section or sub-section
rem-1: related standards ISO 3166, JIS X 0304

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