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“AI technology will help to make Fair Judgement for All Athletes”

Hello every one. I am Kotaro Okada, new comer from Fujitsu Limited
from May 2019.
This is the very first time to show you my column, and I hope you
enjoy it.

When I was a high-school student, I was a judo-wrestler, but as an
audience, my favorite sports are social dancing and figure skating
that mixed with high technique and high artistry.

Especially, I was getting a big fan of figure skating after watching
really impressive legendary exhibition “Bolero” performed by Jayne
Torvill & Christopher Dean, the great British champion couple at the
winter Olympic game on Lillehammer 1994.
(They got 9 perfect score at artistic impression from all judge on
Sarajevo Olympic game 1984. After their 10 years retirement, they came
back as Olympian and got the bronze medal at Lillehammer Olympic game)

But recently, I have not been able to enjoy watching my favorite
figure skating for these 10 years.
Because I could not feel the “Fairness”, the most important ideals
on every sport, in figure skating.

I am not a professional judge but I kept watching figure skating for
quarter of century.
I can appreciate six kinds of jump and difficulty of deep edge for
skating skills, positioning, spirals, spins, and steps.
There are so many unreasonable scores that professional judges made.
I do not want to see any tears in vexation that athletes shed on Kiss
& Cry.

Judges are needed to mark not only technical score but also artistic
score as for the artistic gymnastics, figure skating, social dancing
at the competition. The judge must digitize both by the same
performance in short time. It is very serious for the judges.

I believe, the Innovation of a sensing technology and the AI
(Artificial Intelligence) technology will help the judges to make a
fair judgement.

ICT-based judging support system with 3D sensing technology for
artistic gymnastics that is adopted by The International Gymnastics
Federation will reduce the undue overhead of judges and will help to
make real time judgement with accuracy,
This 3D sensing technology oscillates many lasers on the scale of
about 2 million points per second, detects the reflected light, and
calculates the distance to the target object for each point to obtain
the 3D shapes of the object. It then recognizes the joint positions
from this shape, calculates hands and feet positions, bending of
joints, etc., and finally compares those results with model data of
human movement in a database to derive differences in movement. In
this way, it becomes possible to check body positions and angles as
numerical data and to conduct analysis from all directions, 360
degrees around the target in a judging support application, which were
difficult to achieve with ordinary camera images.

Currently, ICT-based judging support system with 3D sensing technology
is adopted by only 4 events (pommel horse, rings, men’s vault,
women’s vault). This technology still has many challenges. For
example 3D sensor is not good at checking wide area like the floor
exercises but technical problem will be solved with innovation.
I believe, finally this ICT-based judging support system with 3D
sensing technology will make all athletes smile with fairness.

Fair Judgement for All Athletes


<<Topics of Government>>

(1)Council on Electricity Cybersecurity Measures Holds its First Meeting

(2)Questionnaire Survey toward New Program “Digital Transformation
Stock Selection (DX Stock) 2020” to be Conducted

<<Topics of Industries>>

(1) Hitachi to establish "Lumada Data Science Lab."bringing together
top data scientists

(2) Hitachi's Pentaho and Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Adopted for
Japan Exchange Group's New Data Utilization Platform

(3) Fujitsu Streamlines AI Video Recognition with High-Quality
Compression Technology

(4) Fujitsu Embarks on Full-Scale Entry into Government Cloud Business

(5) Viettel rolls out nationwide 5G-ready timing solution with ADVA and

(6)NEC releases "Open & Virtualized RAN" white paper 

Belated Happy New Year greetings to all CICC family members!

One (1) month has passed since beginning of the new year, 2020.
That means, five (5) to six (6) months to go till opening of Olympic
(July 24-Aug. 9) and Paralympic (Aug 25-Spet. 6) games respectively
taking place in Japan.
Hope that all acknowledges, as a universal common perception, of joys
and excitements Olympic and Paralympic games bring along to us all.

Topic : Shopping in Japan

Time passes so early that only one month is remaining in 2019.
How was the year of 2019 for you?
For me, I found changes in the digital society are very fast. 

[Topic]  "Omotenashi" (hospitality) by IT

Rugby World Cup is going on in Japan now. Matches are held across the
country from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Not only matches but also team camps
are hosted by many Japanese communities where the qualified teams
train and prepare. The Namibia team is camping in Kamitonda, a small
town in Wakayama Prefecture. I know Kamitonda very well because it is
next to my hometown. People in Kamitonda received the Namibian team
with "Omotenashi" - Japanese word for hospitality. (See this article:

[Topic ]

It is less than one year to go until the Olympic and Paralympic
Games Tokyo 2020.

In Japan, the employment situation is steadily improving along with
gradual recovery of the economy. On the other hand, the sense of labor
shortages of Japanese companies is gradually increasing.

[Spacecraft Hayabusa2 - touchdown on asteroid by "self-driving"]

If you are a reader of this Tokyo Dayori for 10 years or more, you
might remember an essay in its Oct/2010 issue about Hayabusa
spacecraft's returning to Earth after landing on the asteroid Itokawa.

[Topic] Let’s Try Online Education

Over 25 years has passed since I graduated from my university.  After
I went out into the world, I did not have enough time to study
something or prepare for some examination.

Topic : Traditional Medicines

It started snowing in the north area in Japan and going down in
temperature in Tokyo. Now winter comes.

[Topic ]

Title: Support status of accepting interns from Myanmar IT related

According to the survey results released by the Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry(METI) in June 2016, the supply of IT human
resources in Japan were about 919 thousand people and about 171
thousand people were short. In addition, the supply will turn to
decrease with peak of 2020, and it is maintained at about 923 thousand
in 2020, but METI estimate that about 369 thousand will be short.
Moreover, the supply will be reduced to about 857 thousand in 2030,
and it is estimated that about 789 thousand will be short.
In particular, the demand for both information security fields and new
technology fields including AI, IoT, big data etc. is very high, and
the shortage of IT human resources in those fields may become serious.

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