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[Inconvenience in the convenient modern digital society]

The Japanese Government announced “The New Tourism Nation Promotion
Basic Plan”.[1] in 2012. The plan clearly wrote “Number of visitors to
Japan from other countries will increase to 18 million by 2016”, aiming
at the long-term target of an increase to 25 million by the beginning of
Now 5 years has passed since then, some statistics shows the estimated
number of visitors to Japan from January to November 2017 exceeded  26
million. [2]
You could be included this number next time.
I know this is a most pedestrian advice,  but please be careful of your
valuables during your trip in Japan, even if your  lost wallet would
come back to you 100 percent.(see the experimental movie:[3]

I do not want to brag about, but I really often leave things behind,
especially on a train. I have been a commuter of JR East for more than
30 years. During that long time, I left bags, umbrellas, lunch boxes on
the train seat. Fortunately, my lost belongings were found in a
lost-and-found office of the nearest terminal station.

The other day, I left my iPad on the train seat of JR Line in the
morning commuting time. At first, I did not feel anxious at all from
2 reasons.
One is the seat I left my iPad was in a Green Car (extra charged) with
“Green Attendant” who serves passengers. I thought the attendant would
find and keep my iPad if I called and asked JR East.
The other reason is, I thought I could easily locate my iPad with “Find
My iPhone” function, with which all Apple device users can search their
devices’ location by entering Apple ID and password on other computers
and devices. Actually I operated it on my office desktop and found where
my iPad was
But it did not work out well after that.

I called JR’s customer call center with the map displaying my iPad’s
location on my Desk top in my office. After the long recorded guidance
and waiting time, I was able to talk with an operator and explained
about my lost iPad and its location, and asked him how to retrieve it.
 I was astonished by his answer.
“I am sorry madam, your iPad is not registered as our lost belonging
yet. We cannot confirm your iPad on our computer terminal.”
Then I said, “But I confirm where my iPad is now through Apple’s“Find
My iPad” service on my Desk Top.”
Operator: Excuse me, Madam. We cannot cope with it now.
I : Please ask your Green Attendant to pick my iPad and keep it till
UENO Station. I can pick it up at UENO Station, which is the nearest
station from my office..
Operator: I am sorry madam, it’s impossible to ask a Green Attendant to
do other job . It will disturb train operation. Beside of all,
unregistered items cannot be handled as lost belongings.
I : I can see the location of my iPad.Why can’t I make any action?  
The only thing I can do is waiting for the registration?”

I had an agonizing feeling., If JR staff collected my lost belonging in
a faraway terminal station, I would have to go there by myself to pick
my iPad. Of course, I have to pay the fare. It will take a long time and
I went to UENO Station, and asked at the information counter what I
should do in this case. The lady in the counter recommended me to go to
the entrance counter and ask the staff there. I followed her advice.
An information terminal  is set in each entrance counter. The staff
checked the registered lost materials by the terminal, and said the same
thing as what the call center told me..

I cut this endless story now and jump to the conclusion. After 12 hours,
my iPad returned to me. By that time,I called JR’s Customer Center 5
times and went to UENO Station 4 times.

Why did this inconvenience happen?
The person to be blamed most is  ME!  Do not leave my belongings behind again!
How about JR side?
I feel many thanks about staff on each station. They were very kind to me.
About their call center, operators were well educated and instructed
through their regulation manuals. Every operator said perfectly the same
things. They could not accept any exceptions.

Many companies introduce integrated system for their operation. Not only
JR but also banks and insurance companies, credit cards firms, At first
we call their integrated call centers, not each branch office, and
talked with appropriated operators on related matters.

In case of railway companies, before this unified operation was
introduced, we could call each station about problems and the staff
could cope with our requests. But now it has limitation. In my case,
registration of lost material was the key issue. Once registration has
been done, we can confirm about the lost items anywhere in JR operation
systems. It’s a great benefit of unified operation. Unified operation
can promote all over quality of management.
In my case, however, even though a customer knows where his/her item is
located, JR cannot cope with it at all. This is ridiculous, but  do not
have a clear answer to this problem now. The Only thing I can say now is
to be careful about your belongings in the train from now on.


[1] The Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Plan

[2] Tourism Statistics by JTB tourism Research & Consulting Co.,

[3]If You Drop Your Wallet In Japan, What Are the Chances You’ll Get It


<<Topics of Government>>

(1)Silicon Valley D-Lab Project x METI Seminar to be Held

(2)The IoT Acceleration Lab to Hold Event Titled the "Sixth IoT Lab

(3)New Japan-Oriented International Standards Issued for Pedestrian
Detection and Collision Mitigation Braking Systems to improve Driving
Safety of Vehicles

<<Topics of Industries and others>>


(2)NEC TECHNICAL JOURNAL No. 2 (January 2018) Special Issue on Cybersecurity

[Current status of taxi dispatch service in Japan]

After the Rugby World Cup to be held in 2019 towards the Tokyo Olympics
and Paralympic Games in 2020, it is expected that the number of tourists
visiting Japan will reach 40 million. And it seems that improving the
convenience of their transportation will be one of the big issues for
the tourists as well.

Cyber-attacks on companies and others that have recently become popular.
What is pointed out as an increasing background is the existence of
a dark site where "hacking tools" and "personal information" etc. are
being sold.

Thanks for your paying attention to and support for me.

Dear Gentle persons

I am Kazuki Yasui, taking care of Research & Information Division.
This year, we have not so many rainy days so far, but it is said that we
will have terribly hot summer.
This is my 4th " Tokyo Dayori" , and also my final one. I will quit NEC
Corporation soon, and will terminate my assignment for CICC, too. I
appreciate your attention for my "Tokyo Dayori", and support for CICC’s


I live in Kanagawa prefecture next to Tokyo. Yokohama city is the
biggest and most famous city in Kanagawa.

A new School term starts on April 1st in Japan.
I work for PTA(Parent-Teacher Association) activities for the first
time in 10 years in our elementary school.
People say, “Ten years make a short age.”  
To be honest, I felt a little bit worry to restart PTA activities,
because the advent of new technology might make me a deadwood.

I’d like to report that CICC Joint Seminar titled “IT Utilization to Strengthen Economic and Social Infrastructure” in cooperation with Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Cambodia (MPTC) has successfully done at Phnom Penh on 1st February, 2017.

Typical topics of internet in Japan this year are Pico Taro and Pokemon GO.
Pico Taro’s unique song “PPAP” attracted foreign media first.
Pico Taro is a talent of Avex Group Holdings who has punch permanent hair style and leopard pattern costume with very impact.

[Topic ] Can Asian countries take initiatives for innovative technology?

Dear Gentle persons

I am Kazuki Yasui, taking care of Research & Information Division.
Most of Japanese are fed up with typhoons which have come near to us more than 10 times in this summer. Because of global warming, Japanese islands have become good sandbags for typhoons. And, luckily, we didn’t experience so much hot weather comparing with usual year.

[Topic ] Agricultural Drone

I have watched a video image of an agricultural drone which is splaying a crop with pesticides over a large farm stretching to the horizon.
The agricultural drone which I was interested in by the news report a few days ago is a little different. This drone was developed by Saga University, Saga prefecture and a Software company OPTiM together.

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