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Title: Support status of accepting interns from Myanmar IT related

According to the survey results released by the Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry(METI) in June 2016, the supply of IT human
resources in Japan were about 919 thousand people and about 171
thousand people were short. In addition, the supply will turn to
decrease with peak of 2020, and it is maintained at about 923 thousand
in 2020, but METI estimate that about 369 thousand will be short.
Moreover, the supply will be reduced to about 857 thousand in 2030,
and it is estimated that about 789 thousand will be short.
In particular, the demand for both information security fields and new
technology fields including AI, IoT, big data etc. is very high, and
the shortage of IT human resources in those fields may become serious.

As one of several countermeasures to these shortages of IT human
resources, the Japanese Government has stated the utilization of IT
human resources from foreign countries. This is expected for Japanese
IT companies not only to solve the shortage of human resources but
also to promote globalization and diversification of human resources.

Japanese IT companies tend to avoid competition for human resources,
and to adopt internships to contact with excellent students as soon as
possible. According to the survey results of Recruit Career Co., Ltd.,
the number of companies that implemented internship in fiscal 2017
reached 68.1%, an increase of 8.7 points from fiscal 2016. Moreover,
it is expected that 73.7% of companies conduct internship in FY 2018,
5.6 points higher than in FY 2017.

Under these circumstances, CICC received requests from rectors of some
IT-related universities in Myanmar about sending  internship students
to Japanese IT companies.
In Japan, usually the period of internship is from one day to several
days. However, universities in Myanmar requested long-term practical
training for about 2 to 4 months.
The internship request in this time comes from former CICC training
graduates who understand Japanese corporate culture. CICC has decided
to start  the internship support project from this fiscal year.

Let me briefly introduce the support situation of this fiscal year.
Firstly, CICC asked for Japanese IT companies who accept interns from
CICC member companies and related IT organizations in Japan. As the
result, I got many inquiries from Japanese SMEs, and finally three
companies announced the hiring of internship students as Remote
Internship (called “RI”). RI means to implement a most of
the internship at the CICC partner company office in Yangon in order to
reduce the accommodation cost for internship in Japan.

There were total 137 applicants from five universities. They created
an application form (called “AF”) for each company, and each company
conducted AF selection. Total 90 students went to individual interview
tests  in Yangon and Mandalay, and finally total 14 students were
hired to three Japanese companies as the intern students.

The 14 students attended the CICC special training class for Japanese
language during both two months before RI period and four months of RI
period. And all 14 students were able to reach the N4 level of the
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) in this September.

Now the 14 students finished RI and completed the internship result
presentation in Japan. After that, they received employment offer from
each company's president. In this October, they will participate in
the internship result presentation at their universities and will have
graduation ceremonies in November.
In addition, they will continue to participate in the special Japanese
language training class to reach the N2 level of JLPT in the 5 months
before joining Japanese companies in April 2019.

Last month I got the opportunity to attend their internship result
presentation at a Japanese company.  A half year ago, the students who
could not speak any Japanese at all, now they are dignifiedly having
their result presentation in Japanese in front of the presidents of
the companies.
I was touched by that figure as if I saw my child's growth and my eyes
were filled with tears.

I have already started recruiting companies to accept internship for
the next fiscal year, and several companies have expressed their
participation. Among those, some companies prefer a full internship in
Japan, not remotely.

In order to minimize the cost for internships, I prepare to use
facilities of Japanese universities (such as using student
dormitories, attending Japanese lessons, etc.) through the existing
contracts between  Myanmar universities and Japanese universities.

Next year, I would like to support new Myanmar students to realize
their first step of dreaming at Japanese IT companies.

By Kazuhiro Shinohara (Mr.),

<<Topics of Government>>

(1)IoT Acceleration Lab to Hold the Fourth Big Data Analysis Contest

(2)US-Japan Cybersecurity Joint Training with ASEAN Member States Held

(3)METI Releases a Report on Digital Transformation: Overcoming of
'2025 Digital Cliff' Involving IT Systems and Full-fledged Development
of Efforts for Digital Transformation

(4)METI and the IoT Acceleration Labs Determine 19 Regions as Winners
for the Fourth Selection under the Local IoT Acceleration Labs Project

<<Topics of Industries>>

(1)NEDO and Hitachi to Start Cloud-Based Advanced Energy Management
System Demonstration Project in Slovenia

(2)Fujitsu's New AI Technology "Wide Learning" Enables Highly Precise
Learning Even from Imbalanced Data Sets

(3)NEC and Sightline Systems collect, analyze and visualize IIoT data
in coordination with AI

[Topic ]
= FLOW-OF-THE-GAME over IT utilization in sports festivity =

The world of sports is continually changing over the years, and
utilization of information technology (IT) is one of those areas that
have made huge impact onto many of them.

We often hear the word "safety(Anzen in Japanese) and security
(Anshin in Japanese)” recently.

However, it is said that it has been some time since the breakdown of the
myth that “Japan is a country where we can live in safety and security”.
Events including disasters, crimes, food safety problems, medical mistakes etc.
that threaten our safety and security are increasing.

[IoT for whom?]

In the last issue of this Tokyo Dayori, Ms. Shirakura told about her
lessons learned with JR (railway company). Here is another cautionary
tale from me. My story is about a power company.

[Inconvenience in the convenient modern digital society]

The Japanese Government announced “The New Tourism Nation Promotion
Basic Plan”.[1] in 2012. The plan clearly wrote “Number of visitors to
Japan from other countries will increase to 18 million by 2016”, aiming
at the long-term target of an increase to 25 million by the beginning of 2020.

[Current status of taxi dispatch service in Japan]

After the Rugby World Cup to be held in 2019 towards the Tokyo Olympics
and Paralympic Games in 2020, it is expected that the number of tourists
visiting Japan will reach 40 million. And it seems that improving the
convenience of their transportation will be one of the big issues for
the tourists as well.

Cyber-attacks on companies and others that have recently become popular.
What is pointed out as an increasing background is the existence of
a dark site where "hacking tools" and "personal information" etc. are
being sold.

Thanks for your paying attention to and support for me.

Dear Gentle persons

I am Kazuki Yasui, taking care of Research & Information Division.
This year, we have not so many rainy days so far, but it is said that we
will have terribly hot summer.
This is my 4th " Tokyo Dayori" , and also my final one. I will quit NEC
Corporation soon, and will terminate my assignment for CICC, too. I
appreciate your attention for my "Tokyo Dayori", and support for CICC’s


I live in Kanagawa prefecture next to Tokyo. Yokohama city is the
biggest and most famous city in Kanagawa.

A new School term starts on April 1st in Japan.
I work for PTA(Parent-Teacher Association) activities for the first
time in 10 years in our elementary school.
People say, “Ten years make a short age.”  
To be honest, I felt a little bit worry to restart PTA activities,
because the advent of new technology might make me a deadwood.

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