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I’d like to report that CICC Joint Seminar titled “IT Utilization to Strengthen Economic and Social Infrastructure” in cooperation with Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Cambodia (MPTC) has successfully done at Phnom Penh on 1st February, 2017.
I was in charge of secretariat for the On-site Joint Seminar. I hope this report, by introducing the approval process and outline of this seminar, will help when you hold same seminar in cooperation with CICC in your country.

First of all in April, I invited On-site Joint Seminar Task Force from CICC member companies to hold the seminar. In this year, four companies such as NTT data, Hitachi, NEC and Fujitsu, wished to participate in the Task Force. I could adjust their opinions and requirements after May.
Finally the Task Force decided to choose “Cambodia” to hold the seminar in this year.

In August, I sent an official request letter to MPTC as Counter Part of CICC. After that, I got a warm reply saying that MPTC agree to co-organize the seminar. As for the important matters such as the theme, date, venue for Seminar, I discussed with a key officer of MPTC when he came to Tokyo by CICC Multinational invitation program in October.
The purpose of this Joint Seminar is to make a chance of business matching with government organizations and IT related public organizations by introducing the Social infrastructure related IT systems which Japanese IT companies want to export to Cambodia.
Therefore I requested MPTC to call the government related attendees to the seminar.

The seminar started with about 140 attendees. Minister of MPTC, H.E.
Tram Iv Tek gave the Opening Address. And ambassador of Embassy of Japan in Cambodia, H.E. Hidehisa Horinouchi gave the Guest Speech in the seminar.
From Cambodia side, ICT Policy Department of MPTC introduced entitled “Telecommunication and ICT Development Policy”, and ICT federation of Cambodia explained “Current State of Cambodia’s ICT Industry and its Promising Future”.
The other hand, from Japanese side, NTT Data Corporation introduced entitled “Enhancement of Public Services and Social Infrastructures by ICT Technology”, Hitachi Ltd introduced about “Improvement of public administrative services with biometric authentication”, Fujitsu Ltd
introduced “Towards IT System Implementation at Healthcare Sector”, Doraku Holdings, Co. Ltd gave “Introduction to Social Infrastructure Related Solutions”, NEC Corporation introduced titled “NEC’s approach to the threat of cyber assault and points of security incident response”.
After the seminar, we were able to have a frank talk and exchange of opinions about the future partnership at the social gathering including young MPTC officers. On behalf of CICC, I would like to express my gratitude for your warm support and cooperation to all the relevant people.

Kazuhiro SHINOHARA(Mr.)

<<Topics of Government>>

(1)METI Developed and Released Rules for Information Utilization and Collaboration and Held a Matching Event among Communities and Businesses under the Framework of the Omotenashi Platform Project

(2)Businesses Adopted to Introduce and Demonstrate a Common Settlement System for Sector-based Introduction of IC Transactions Among Sellers and Other Entities

(3)IoT Acceleration Lab Will Hold an Event Titled the “Fourth IoT Lab Connection” for Theme-Based Project Organization and Business Collaboration among Companies

<<Topics of Industries and others>>

(1)Panasonic upgrades full-year outlook

(2)'Pokemon Go' co-developer talks of rocking an industry

Typical topics of internet in Japan this year are Pico Taro and Pokemon GO.
Pico Taro’s unique song “PPAP” attracted foreign media first.
Pico Taro is a talent of Avex Group Holdings who has punch permanent hair style and leopard pattern costume with very impact.

[Topic ] Can Asian countries take initiatives for innovative technology?

Dear Gentle persons

I am Kazuki Yasui, taking care of Research & Information Division.
Most of Japanese are fed up with typhoons which have come near to us more than 10 times in this summer. Because of global warming, Japanese islands have become good sandbags for typhoons. And, luckily, we didn’t experience so much hot weather comparing with usual year.

[Topic ] Agricultural Drone

I have watched a video image of an agricultural drone which is splaying a crop with pesticides over a large farm stretching to the horizon.
The agricultural drone which I was interested in by the news report a few days ago is a little different. This drone was developed by Saga University, Saga prefecture and a Software company OPTiM together.

[Topic ] Beautiful butterflies in my garden

 I have seen some beautiful butterflies in my garden for several years.
They seem to be similar ones I saw in Indonesia as a business trip in 1990s.
My mother who lives in our next house asked me to seek a name of the butterfly through Internet. She does not connect Internet and cannot use mobile phone, either.

[Topic ]
Reduction method for the telecom fee in my household

The stagnation in the Tokyo stock market from the beginning of the year symbolizes the rupture of " Abenomics " the economic policies of the current Japanese government.
After 8% of the consumption tax was introduced in April 2014, real GDP plunged about 14 trillion yen. Since then, real GDP include sluggish growth and the wages in the ordinary household are not increased. This tax increase amount was supposed to be pressure on the household budget.

[Topic] AI in Japan
The situation might be the same in your country, but it seems to me that media coverage on “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” is recently increasing in Japan, with the hope of convenient and smart future society that would be brought by AI. Here are some examples of news in Japan related to AI, in which I felt interested; Canon announced a plan in August 2015 to establish a laboratory to enhance manufacturing technology for digital camera with an investment of 13 billion yen [1].  The details were not revealed by Canon, but some media reported in Japanese that the plan included development of AI Robot to realize Canon’s vision of fully automated manufacturing of digital camera in Japan by 2018.

The “My Number”, Individual Number system is about to begin in Japan.
From October 2015 on, each municipality has started to notify citizens of their numbers by sending postal mail. Then, citizens officially registered by themselves. Also, citizens are required to issue ID cards.

[Topic ]
ICT deploys new business model or new business model deploys ICT?
Both makes trend with new fashion partner.

Dear Gentle persons,

I am Kazuki Yasui, taking care of Research &Information Division.
Unfortunately, we have a lot of rain and typhoons in this summer as if it is accompanied with several series of fuss and catastrophe regarding 2020 Tokyo Olympic game and security alliance issue, etc.
This is my second time to release my “Tokyo Dayori” with you, and I would like to share my understanding regarding the ICT trend and expectation in the future.

[Topic ] Nursing Care Robots in Japan

What do “robots” remind of you?
“Doraemon” or a robot cat is coming from the 22nd century?

In fact, the 80% of robots in Japan are industrial robots to support production in the manufacturing industry. Now there is a growing need for robots in the service sector, with improving functions more elaborately and flexibly by AI, cost-effective parts and so on.

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